1. Special top layer

2. Specially treated and stabilized polyester cord

3. Polychloroprene cushion rubber compound

4. Fibre filled Polychloroprene base

5. Special Bottom fabric layer


Specially top layer: Specially designed top layer of the belt has better ozone resistance characteristics and hence reduces the chances of cracking due to flexing.

Tough Tensile member for greater strength: Specially treated stabilized polyester cord provides high tensile strength with minimum stretch which gives Darwin Plus belts superior resistance  to fatigue and shock loads.

Oil & Heat resistant: Polychloroprene used in the Darwin Plus belts provides the oil and heat resistance properties to the belt, which helps the belts to better resist Ozone, sunlight, weather and ageing.

Polychloroprene cushion rubber compound: this compound results in the best possible bond between the base compound, the tension member (polyester cord) & the rubber impregnated fabric top surface that results in long service of the belt without cord separation and delayering of the belt.

Fibre filled Polychloroprene base compound: results in increased power transmission capability, higher transverse stiffness & high wear resistance.